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Happy Birthday Brother Quotes – Brother B’day Quotes

Happy Birthday Brother: Birthday is a very special day in a year for everyone. We all like to celebrate this day with fun and enjoyment. Brother is the best friend, maybe you fight or sometimes get angry with each other, but he is always there to help you in all the situations. So when it is his birthday, why not take this opportunity to make this happy birthday with some special birthday gift and best happy birthday quotes for brother’s birthday.

You can present a lovely bday card images with beautiful birthday wishes and messages. He is surely going to like it and appreciates your love for him. We have collected some of the best happy birthday cards to brother and some bday wishes for brother with messages which you can write on these brother birthday quotes.

Happy Birthday Brother

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1) It was awesome the way I grew up. I laughed with you, I cried with you, I fought with you, and I kicked your ass too. I just had to remind you. Happy Birthday. I just had to remind you. Happy Birthday. What is the one thing in this world that will never run out of supply? My love for you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday brother.

2) You are the one person that I don’t have to explain my craziness to and the one person whose craziness I can’t explain. And that’s great. Happy Birthday to the best brother ever. that We may not always agree on everything but I am sure we do on this!! Happy Birthday.

3) Bro, you are not just my life’s support, but also my life’s pride. If you hadn’t been there for me all these years, I would have crumbled from inside. Happy birthday. Okay, so maybe this is the year that I let you blow out the candles on your birthday cake all by yourself. Happy Birthday. Not many people are lucky enough to find their best friend in their brother, but I am.

4) You are the only one who helped me a lot, guided me a lot and never given up when even I was not confident. Thanks for being all the way with me. Happy birthday.

5) Your job profile as a brother is to love me no matter what troubles I get into. I want to congratulate you because you are doing a great job. Happy birthday. Whenever I cried, you made me laugh. Whenever I faltered, you picked me up. Whenever I was in trouble, you took the blame. Whenever it was my birthday, you licked cake from my face. Eww… But now, that it’s yours, why are you so far away? Missing you on your birthday.

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Happy Birthday Quotes To Brother

6) Brother, can you remember all those childhood memories of us? Those memories are always fresh in my mind and many more wonderful memories are yet to come. You are the greatest brother. Happy birthday.

7) Some people have wealth. Some have beauty. Some have fame. But I hit the jackpot when I got you as a brother. Happy Birthday. The best thing about an elder brother’s birthday is that we actually ‘get’ treats, instead of giving one. Well, we are not asking for a treat, but won’t mind anyway. Just kidding…! Happy Birthday.

8) When we were small I was mad at mom and dad for making me share my room with you. Now I realize what a wonderful blessing it was growing up with you. Happy birthday bro.

9) Some people have wealth. Some have beauty. Some have fame. But I hit the jackpot when I got you as a brother. Happy Birthday!

10) All the things that you did for me in the past, I still thank you every day for them, brother.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Brother

Happy Birthday Greeting Cards for Brother

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11) On this special day, I pray that God blesses you with every good thing, with love, with luck, and with joy. Thank you for always being there for me and giving me your support and strength.

12) You’re my idol, my strong wall, and the most faithful friend. Have a brilliant birthday!

13) Despite all our quarrels and fights I confess that having you as my brother, is a very comforting feeling like no other. Happy birthday.

14) You’re not just my brother. You’re my supporter, best friend and life’s pride. I am so proud to have you as my brother. Happy Birthday!

15) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Have a Pepsi with Guitar You sister is waiting for two hours Come and cut you cake in her car!

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Bday wishes for brother

16) Brother, on your birthday, I pray that God’s blessings light up all the paths you walk on, and may He hold you by the hand and lead you to happiness. May your heart always be too small to hold all the blessings God pours into your life. Happy birthday.

17) Sweet brother, on your Big Day, I just wanted you to know how much I miss you. We need to meet one of these days and bask in the nostalgia while creating even more fabulous memories. Have a wonderful day, my dear.

18) Happy birthday to our parent’s second favorite child! Just kidding, brother. I wish you the best on your special day.

19) I want to tell you that I am laughing at you right now and I appreciate you, brother, so enjoy your birthday and just tell me you love what I did.

20) I consider myself a very lucky person, because I found the best friend in my brother. You are a true inspiration to me, happy bday!

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Birthday cards for Brother

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21) For many years, you have showered me with happiness, tenderness, and affection. You’re the best brother! Happy Birthday to you.

22) You are the best brother not for now, not for today, not for tomorrow – but forever. Happy birthday.

23) May life bring you cheer in all that you do. Wishing you success and prosperity. Have a happy birthday

24) The best thing about an elder brother’s birthday is that we actually ‘get’ treats, instead of giving one. Well, we are not asking for a treat, but won’t mind anyway. Just kidding…! Happy Birthday.

25) May today, your special day, be the beginning of God’s awesome blessings and love in your life. I love you more than you’d ever know. Happy birthday, big/baby brother.

Happy Birthday Big Brother – Happy Birthday Younger Brother

26) You are there and I’m here. One of us is definitely at the wrong location. I hope we can reunite and experience again those good old days. Happy birthday, dear brother.

27) I am blessed to have a brother like you. My constant enemy But always there to make my day. Happy Birthday!

28) We may be opposites but you are awesome and I love it, happy birthday to you my brother.

29) I love you like only a little sister can. Happy Birthday brother!

30) Let me crown you with “the best friend and amazing brother” award today. Have a marvelous birthday!

These are some of the best happy birthday quotes for brother that you can share and greet to your brother and make him happy on his beautiful birthday.

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